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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Butterick B5394 View B And D

That last few days has been full of great sewing.  I go back to work tomorrow and did not touch even 1/2 of my sewing list.  But i did knock two items from the same Butterick Pattern.  The pattern is a Butterick Fashion express.  It's one from my stash and honestly i am not sure how long ago i purchased it.  But i do remember purchasing the pattern for view B.  Today i whipped up View B & D and did all of it by serger.

The pattern description indicates that this is a 2 hr pattern and that may be true.  I ran into a few issues when cutting out and when sewing.  My big mistake cost me about 1 hr.  when making the Gray View B I sewed the sleeve on incorrectly.  The pattern description shows a picture but that did not line up with what I was seeing in my hands, ultimately i had to undo the serger stitches, pin and try it on to understand the stitching.  On top of that i was working with a sweater knit and I am so thankful that i didn't attempt to make a dress out of this stuff as i initially intended to.

 I think i will stick to cardigans with my sweater knits and maybe a skirt or two.  Lastly pressing on View B did not go so well this stuff just did not want to hold a crease.  The pockets, where are clearly not rounded as they should be, did not hold the pressing so i had to hand form and sew at the same time...Oh well... Despite these view challenges this is a easy pattern and with the right fabric, Fleece, ponte, thicker sweater knit, this can be a great addition to your wardrobe.  Now on to the review.

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